Nina Goes Full Karen in Tekken 8?
By Yung Namahage • 1 month ago

It was certainly a surprise to see Tekken's best MILF make a surprise return in Tekken 8 after being canonically dead for years. It's not so surprising to see that she's being joined by series mainstay and fellow MILF Nina Williams, who's been in every iteration of the King of Iron First Tournament over the last 30 years, but her new design is... different.

On the one hand, the shades, the dark dress and leather jacket really enhance her sexy assassin gimmick, and her bone-crunching moves look as deadly as ever with the addition of gunplay. But the hair? I don't know if the Karen stereotype has made it over to Japan yet, but it looks like she wants to speak to the manager of the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

I'm kinda torn because, while I've always preferred Anna to Nina, I really like the bombshell blonde Trinity look she has now, and I'm totally down to try her new moves out when the game drops. It's just unfortunate she has such a soccer mom vibe as well, but hopefully that'll be fixed with some easy character customization.

What do you guys think of Nina's new look? Sound off below!