Lifelike Sex Dolls Sell Out in Australia; Not for Obvious Reasons
By Yung Namahage • 1 year ago

Usually when we write about the land down under on this here blog, or on the main Doujins site, it's because something anime-related has been banned or something similar over there. It doesn't seem like the kind of country where sex dolls would fly off the shelves, but that's the case right now for one company. And the reason why is a doozy.

Melbourne company Wild Secrets is a purveyor of sex toys, lingerie and bondage gear. They also have a range of life size, realistic sex dolls. One of their sex doll models named Donna, the blonde bombshell above, usually retails for AU$5499.99 (about US$3669.26). In the past, they would sell about 2 a month. Now, Donna is so popular that they've sold out. But the reason most people are buying them has nothing to do with sex.

Australia has certian highway lanes that can only legally be used if the car has more than one person in side, meaning solo drivers have to take a slower route. Someone somewhere discovered that the Donna sex doll can fool the enforcement cameras over the highways into thinking there's a person in the passenger seat, letting those solo drivers drive unperturbed in the fast lane.

Donna alongside a driver spotted in Melbourne

Sights of drivers using this loophole have started to spread around the internet, and Wild Secrets marketing manager Adam Lea said of the unprecedented event "The awful traffic on the Eastern has resulted in a coup for us." While this may be enough to fool cameras for now, traffic authority VicRoads wants to remind drivers that driving with a mannequin in the high-occupancy vehicle lanes is still very much illegal. "Fines apply for not following the rules – but more importantly we ask people to use a common sense approach," said a VicRoads spokesperson.

If VicRoads decides to crack down on drivers abusing the high-occupancy lanes there'll be a lot of guys stuck with a sex doll they never intended to use. Maybe they'll get curious, or maybe there are already a few out there that took Donna for a spin before heading out on the road. What do you guys think of this? Would you drop about $37K on a sex doll to cut down on your commute time? Leave your thoughts below!