Anime Piracy Made Legal!?
By Yung Namahage • 1 week ago

Yes, that's Putin on the right and his buddy Lukashenko on the left. No, I don't know why anyone would draw them in the style of JoJo, but I'm glad I found it.

From one country restricting anime to another almost encouraging it, these really are wild times we're living in when it comes to international geopolitics.

The Republic of Belarus, located on the borders of Russia and Ukraine, passed a law earlier this month signed by president Alexander Lukashenko that allows people to get away with illegally accessing "movies, music, and TV shows" described as "essential for the domestic market" from countries deemed enemies of the state for imposing sanctions on the former Soviet nation as a response to their support of Putin's invasion of Ukraine. These include the UK, the EU, the US and of course Japan, among others. 

The way it works is this: citizens and companies can pirate content to their heart's content, but they must pay a fee to the Belarusian National Patent Authority. The NPA handles international copyright claims, and if the copyright holders don't make a claim in 3 years they'll keep the money for themself. 

Of course, this isn't just limited to anime. But no doubt Belarusian weebs are buzzing at being given the green light to consume all the Japanese content they could ever need. Until the law comes to an end in December of next year, but that's plenty of time to stockpile enough series to last a lifetime.

What do you all make of this? If your neighbors started fighting and you took one guy's side, and everyone else on the street took the other guy's side, would you feel compelled to steal shit from them? Leave your thoughts below!