Residence of Obscene Art - 01
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Added: 6 years ago
A young elf-girl named Meru goes in search of her missing older sister Sylphy and finds her working as a maid in a large mansion. Delighted to see her sister, she suspects nothing until tea is served... and she is introduced to her sister's place of work: the Residence of Obscene Art. She resists at first, but soon Meru embraces the depraved lifestyle. Just as long as she can be with her older sister... Then the two get terrible news: their master, Agnes, has decided to get rid of them and they are put up for action, where they are displayed while being fucked by a pair of trolls. Now a mysterious figure and his succubus servant have entered the picture. But that's not all: a surprise bidder has come for them! As long as these sisters can be together while they enjoy cock, however, their happiness will be assured.
Based on: Inyutsu no Yakata the H-Game by Sawaru Erect