YouTuber Goes Bankrupt Commissioning Hazbin Hotel Video
By Yung Namahage • 1 month ago

Buckle up; have I got a wild one for you today.

Adym Steven Evans, AKA Verbalase, is a YouTuber I personally hadn't heard of til recently, but with other 5 million subs I'm sure some of you guys must have. He's a pretty talented beatboxer who creates a lot of content involving pop culture. His most popular videos, the Cartoon Beatbox Battles animated series, pits 2 popular characters from different franchises against each other in a kind of rap battle scenario but with more beatboxing, with all characters voiced by Verbalase including his OC avatar who acts as the host. Here's one of his more popular uploads to give you an idea of what he's about.

Why am I talking about this Verbalase guy, you ask? Because Twitter's been going viral lately with the news that he paid someone to animate a lewd video involving Charlie from Hazbin Hotel and his OC form. Here's a link to the video, but if you want a quick rundown it basically shows Charlie summoning him into hell, chasing him around in an attempt to seduce him, then he ends up tied tie a bed in the hotel while she continues coming on to him. Not only does his character look pretty unnerved by the whole thing, it's also set to the song Hide Away by Synapson ft. Holly. It's also worth mentioning that the video ends before things could get truly sexy. Bro spent $50K on it and that didn't get him any sex or nudity.

The animation isn't bad at least, but looking at it behind-the-scenes is where things start to get interesting. Firstly, there are rumors saying the animator he hired for this is 15, which hasn't been confirmed but raises a lot of questions if it is true. What we do know for sure is Verbalase is a reactionary who seems to love traditional views of gender and sexuality, and he's an Andrew Tate stan, which makes it even funnier that he made himself bankrupt paying to see himself in a submissive role as a canonically bisexual character dominates him.

Verbalase hasn't uploaded a Cartoon Beatbox Battle video for a while, but it's likely he won't for the foreseeable future because of the debt he got himself into. Instead, he's started a series of puppet-themed beatbox videos that are presumably cheaper and quicker to upload. Whatever helps him fix his financial situation.

What do you guys think of this incident? Have you heard of Verbalase before this? Let us know below!