Why Do You Come To Hentai0?
By WakeUpSnooze • 4 weeks ago

The internet is a vast place, and a good chunk of that vastness can easily be allocated for by accounting for the huge amount of porn. It has everything from live action stuff, audio content, lewd stories, to hentai and beyond. Of course if you have such a vast array of shit to fap to at your fingertips you must be pretty interested in hentai if you decide to come here. However, even narrowing down your selection to strictly hentai videos, you still are faced with a slew of websites ready to offer up a ton of episodes for your perusal. So my question today is why did you choose to come here to Hentai0?

In full transparency I’ve actually asked this question once before on our sister site Doujins.com. I got back a variety of answers overall, but there was a clear leading response that seemed to overpower the rest and that was a lack of invasive advertisements. Porn sites and intrusive ads go together like orange juice and toothpaste. They complement each other horribly, yet you often find them around the same time. Back in the day I visited a few dubious candidates before settling into the select few lewd sites I regularly visit nowadays. In the modern age with ad blockers and added browser security it’s hard for me to really know how many ads and pop-ups a site truly has, and as mentioned I’m not often bothering to sail the seas in search of new land anyway. I can’t keep up with the sites I have already, the last thing I need is more porn choices. I suppose in a perfect world I shouldn’t have said the top answer for our sister site for fear of increasing bias, but damn one singular question doesn’t make for much of an article.

Trust me, I'm kinda sorta conducting research.

Let’s turn it over to you guys. You’ve got a wide selection of choices to watch some hentai yet you’ve decided to use this one. Maybe you’ve been here a while, or perhaps just found us recently. Either way I’d love to hear what drew you to the site. Why do you come to Hentai0? How long have you been coming here? What are the biggest strengths and weaknesses of the site in your eyes? Hop on a boat, sail the high speed seas, and land at the island landing page of your choosing in the comments below!