The Berserk We Didn't Ask For
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago

Well, we got some new Berserk news, but not the Berserk news most of you were hoping for. Everyone is still waiting for an actual studio that cares about making a good product to pick up Berserk and to do it justice, but that seems like a future dream at this point. So while you still wait and pray for a good Berserk remake, you’ll have to make do with its off brand Berserk the Gluttony.

A show that looks good animation wise, but I bet will be shit or just generic in the grand scheme of things. People are already memeing on the show for having better animation than that 3D Berserk that we got, which is more so a roast on Berserk than this show. If this is your kind of thing, then I’m happy for you, but this is something I’ll def be passing up.

Are you excited for Berserk the Gluttony? Do you think we’ll ever get a good Berserk remake? Who would you want to work on a Berserk remake? Tell us in the comment.