Tatsunoko Announces Anime About Pole Dancing
By Yung Namahage • 6 months ago

An anime about pole dancing? Sounds like some Grade-A waifubait material to me. Unfortunately, that may not be what Tatsunolo Production are going for with their latest project.

Pole Princess!! is about a 17 year-old named Himano, whose grandmother runs a planetarium. When she hears the planetarium is closing down, she gets inspired by the starry night sky to set up pole dancing shows with her friends at the planetarium in a bid to save it.

OK, I know to us perverts this sounds like a perfectly plausible H-anime setup, but from the teaser it looks fairly G-rated, although the CG on the pole dancing animations doesn't look half bad. Even if the anime itself isn't about the sexy kind of pole dancing, at least the lewd edits will pop off.

JJBA episode director Hitomi Ezoe will be directing the anime, and the characters are designed by Spy Classroom designer tomari. Voice cast includes Rio Tsuchiya (Ranka in SSSS.Dynazenon), Minami Hinata (Bojji in Ranking of Kings), Yui Ogura (Priestess in Goblin Slayer), and Anna Suzuki (Lemon Kokoa in Waccha PriMagi!).

There'll be a livestream soon with more details on the show on the official website for those interested. Will you be making a note of this one or would you prefer the lewd kind of pole dancing? Let us know below!