Sonic Creator Yuji Naka Arrested for Insider Dealing
By Yung Namahage • 6 months ago

Another day, another shitstorm at Square Enix. This time, the cursed company is in the middle of a controversy about insider dealing, all because of a Dragon Quest mobile game, and one of the creators of Sonic is also involved.

A studio called Aiming Inc was announced as the developer of Dragon Quest Tact two years ago. It seems a few Square Enix employees knew of this deal before it was made public, so they bought a load of shares in Aiming hoping to make a quick buck when it was officially revealed. Among the conspirators was Yuji Naka, who joined Square Enix in 2016 for the disastrous Balan Wonderworld and publicly fell out with the company following its abysmal release.

Naka and two others were arrested by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office and are under investigation for breaking the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. Naka alone apparently bought 10,000 shares in Aiming for ¥2.8 million (about US$20,000), though it's not clear if he managed to sell them or held onto them. 

It's a shame that one of the (formerly) most celebrated men in the industry would stoop so low and tarnish his legacy even further, as if it could get any worse after Balan Wonderworld. To make matters worse, people actually seem to like the latest Sonic game that he had no involvement in, and at this rate he won't be able to play it himself if he winds up in prison for white collar crime. Sonic would be disappointed.

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