Snowbreak: Containment Zone Drops English Dub After Supposed VA Complaints
By Yung Namahage • 3 weeks ago

Another day, another gacha with its own assortment of waifus emerges, trying to make it to the big time. One of the more recent ones to throw its hat in the ring is Snowbreak: Containment Zone, a scifi TPS from Chinese dev Seasun Games Pte. Ltd. It was released last year on iOS, Android and PC, and has already earned a fanbase in the west. Like most games, a lot of content has been added since launch, however, the English dub has now been removed.

The game launched with an English dub, but according to the developers' Discord, the voice actors they hired flat-out refused to work any more due to the lewder elements the game has been incorporating, and as such, the English dub is getting dropped entirely.

One such lewd element SCZ recently added is a mode where you can touch your waifus on various body parts using the touchscreen or cursor, not unlike Senran Kagura. It's not been confirmed by any means, but it's possible this is one reason the English voice cast apparently disagreed with the direction the game was taking, if what they're saying is true.

If you ask me, something about this seems sus. For one reason, I don't doubt voice actors would start to get uncomfortable if they were told their serious scifi role was being reduced to standard horny anime girl, but the likelihood of the entire English dub cast refusing to work seems a bit far fetched. It's possibe there are other reasons, e.g. gacha gaming as a concept is much more popular in Eastern markets than it is here, and even here the type of weebs to go out of their way to play an obscure Chinese gacha would be more likely to use the Japanese dub than English. Also, contracts from Chinese companies to western freelance workers can be pretty brutal, so maybe there's some legal BS at the middle of this.

Whatever the reason, what do you guys think? Have you played Snowbreak: Containment Zone? Do you think they're right to drop the English dub? Leave your thoughts below!