Ruining A Sexual Dynamic
By WakeUpSnooze • 1 month ago

Golly sometimes it’s hard to keep up with an endless onslaught of news about sex and anime constantly streaming out, and sometimes I’m in a drought and very thankful to ecchi for putting gasoline in my think tank. Several weeks ago my curiosity was once again sparked by Gushing Over Magical Girls. To quickly set the stage, back then our naughty villain MC got into a fight with one of the magical girls. However, we learned that this certain magical girl has some bad bones in her too and begun begging for the MC to punish her. Our MC kicked her away with a disgusted face and we learned that she loves hurting the magical girls because they are pure and righteous. She doesn’t want them to change for anyone and treats the submissive nature of the magical girl as a turn off.

And so my question today is, have you ever been in a relationship or friends with benefits situation where you felt obligated to play a certain “role”? For example, maybe you noticed your girlfriend likes when you’re more dominant in the bedroom. I think most guys want to fall into that a majority of the time, myself included, but honestly speaking I’m sure I’d get tired of doing that dynamic every single sexual encounter over the course of an entire long term relationship. I’m not claiming to be a 50/50 switch… perhaps a 80/20 or something though. I know I’d be afraid as hell to switch up my vibe though unless I felt strongly that my partner and I were in a good place and had a serious foundation. I can imagine that suddenly changing your demeanor in a friends with benefits situation can end those benefits at lightning speed. I’m crossing my fingers that most stories where a dynamic got changed and it negatively impacted the relationship come from high school and college where relationships are fickle. It simply seems like not allowing for dynamic changes and exploration during a longtime union is an easy way for someone to reach sexual boredom quickly. Then again when I see some of the most blandest-looking couples in existence walk around I can’t help but wonder if a lot of people prefer vanilla positions and dynamics and call it a day.

Her disappointment was immeasurable.

It was interesting to see the MC’s interest in a magical girl die so quickly, but it does make sense. If anyone out there made a partner lose interest by trying to act a different way in the bedroom (or hell just in general) for a change of pace, I’d love to tune in to that story. And if not, I’d enjoy hearing that too for affirmation that real life couples don’t fall apart that easily. Did you watch Gushing Over Magical Girls? Have you ever tried to branch out in a sexual way that backfired? Did a partner actually appreciate you trying to mix it up somehow? Pickup some magical girls, learn their hearts aren’t all that pure in reality, and kick 'em to the curb in the comments below!