Resident Evil Fan Remakes Canceled by Capcom
By Yung Namahage • 1 year ago

The 2019 Resident Evil 2 remake wasn't just a damn good survival horror game in its own right; it married the atmosphere and story from the classic game with a modern polish that revived the horror genre in mainstream gaming. Since then, Capcom have remade Resident Evil 3 in the same style but fans are still waiting for them to aknowledge Code Veronica, the true sequel to both RE3 and 2.

Enter the Resident Evil: Code Veronica REMAKE project, a passionate group of fans that took matters into their own hands by pledging to remake not just CV but the first Resident Evil (which already had an official remake in 2002) in the style of the RE2make. From the offset they announced they had no plans to profit off the remakes and they'll be released as free downloads, but after almost two years of development, a number of screenshots and trailers and even playable demos, Capcom hit them with a cease & desist order.

The developers have had to delete the demos for both remakes following the order, but the footage still exists on YouTube and Twitter as sad reminders of what could've been. Or, maybe what could be - you may remember Capcom also pulled the plug on a RE2 fanmade remake a few years before releasing the official RE2make, so it's possible an actual RE1- or even RECV-make is in the works at Capcom. The developers of the RE2 fan project that never was went onto make Daymare: 1998, a tribute to classic RE, so hopefully the CV REMAKE guys can similarly direct their creative energy toward a new project.

Do you guys think Capcom will ever officially remake the orignal Resident Evil or Code Veronica? Leave your thoughts below, and have a happy holiday from all of us at Hentai0 and Doujins!