Remembering Stormy Daniels' Forgotten Sex Cartoon
By Yung Namahage • 1 year ago

Right now, Stormy Daniels is probably the most talked-about (former) porn star in the world, due to being implicated in a court case involving former president Trump. But long before that brought her into the political zeitgeist, Ms. Daniels starred in an award-winning lewd flash animation.

I must've been about 10 when I first started looking at porn online, and one series I remember finding on Newgrounds was called Brickhouse Betty. A joint venture between porno company Wicked Pictures and creative duo Rum Runners, it was about a tit-ular blonde bimbo getting fucked by a wacky cast of usually holiday-related characters in all kinds of scenarios. Kinda typical for Newgrounds flash animations of its time, only with a lot more sex and nudity.

Betty was popular enough at the time to have her shorts feature on Playboy's TV network, and in 2006 partnered with then-active porn star Stormy Daniels for a bonus animated short on Daniels' infamous Operation: Desert Stormy porn movie. The extra, called Stormy Bangs Betty! featured an animated Daniels as a secret agent sent to kill recurring character Grampa Slappy (who's now a terrorist) with her partner Betty. Then they fuck.

Stormy Bangs Betty! went on to win a prestigious AVN Award for Best DVD extra in 2007. However, it was also the last major animation release Brickhouse Betty would have. The website stayed up for years, hosting older animations as well as general hentai and other paywalled stuff, but the only new content coming out was weird 3D stills instead of bigger and better animations. Eventually, the Brickhouse Betty brand quietly faded away and Sven & Angus, the guys behind Rum Runners, moved on to other things.

Due to Flash's demise a lot of Betty content has been lost to time, some of it is still on Newgrounds but watching the full Stormy Bangs Betty! clip would probably mean tracking down one of the DVDs it was included on. Still, watching that when I was younger is why I feel kinda nostalgic whenever I see Stormy Daniels in the news; not because of the crude flash cartoons but of the general vibe Newgrounds had before YouTube came into existence and was promptly fucked in the ass by Google. The fact that I could play games and see some animated titties (or dicks, more often than not) blew more than just my mind back then.

What about you guys; have you ever encountered Brickhouse Betty before? Let us know below!