Ranni is Elden Ring's True Best Girl
By Yung Namahage • 1 year ago

Hey guys! Ya boi Yung Namahage is here on Hentai0. I'll be keeping this blog occupied while Kinky and Snooze hold the fort at the main Doujins blog with the same content you know and love. 

People all across the internet are sharing cool shit they’ve discovered in Elden Ring, be it a wandering boss, missable gear, or hard-to-find dungeons waiting to be looted. I recently came across a pretty huge treasure trove myself – not of weapons or runes, but doll hentai.

When the player first meets this mysterious witch in blue she grants you a bell with the ability to summon spirits and introduces herself as Renna. You can encounter her again later on, where she tasks you with retrieving a hidden relic and reveals her real name is Ranni. Ranni ties into the lore in a cool way I won't spoil here (partly because I haven't fully figured it out myself) but what I will say is that Ranni is actually a spirit, and the body you see is merely a doll she's inhabiting. I'm not sure why that doll has six arms, one eye and is cute as hell, but all the more she's proven just as popular as Melina with R34 artists, if not more. After all, Bloodborne's best girl was also a doll, and FromSoft love expanding on ideas they introduced in older games. They knew what the fans wanted and by all counts did they deliver.

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