Palworld's Pals Are Getting Sexier with Mods
By Yung Namahage • 3 weeks ago

The hype for Palworld hasn't slowed down a bit, even if Nintendo may be legally investigating them. Until something comes of it, people will enjoy Palworld as much as they can, especially now that modders have taken up putting their own spins on the game. 

Pals of Desire is a mod group responsible for a project of the same name; which intends to replace each and every one of Palworld's 137 Pals with a sexier version, with both male and female variations. However, this isn't a sex mod; just a simple lewd model swap mod, but they do aim to add animations eventually as well as options for the player character.

Pals of Desire initially formed on 198+ modding forum LoversLab, but they're now on Nexus Mods, where it's available to download. You can also find a link there to the official Discord server if you wanna keep up with the latest in lewd Pal content. 

Are you guys into this? Do you think it'll increase Palworld's staying power? Let us know below!