Order Us! Sees Release Despite Steam Ban
By Yung Namahage • 1 month ago

For an eroge developer these days, wanting to release your lewd game on Steam can be a gamble, based onn whether or not it'll get past the increasingly strict content moderation guidelines. Case in point: Order Us!, a VN about a duo of café waitress waifus with outfits based on different food items, suddenly got booted from Valve's platform just before its planned release date of March 1, with developers Argent recieving this message:

This is almost certainly referring to the character Mocha, who is short, petite and shy compared to the much bustier and more outgoing Peaches. However, unlike what the message implies, she's stated to be 19 in the game and at no point is it mentioned she's a high schooler.

Steam also told Argent they couldn't simply edit the game and resubmit it on their platform, meaning it was effectively banned. However, while Steam almost have a monopoly on the PC gaming scene, but they're far from the only platform.Just when all hope seemed to be lost, the game was saved and put up for sale on Itch. Looks like Argent got the last laugh here.

If you wanna support the devs after they got done dirty by Steam, or you just want to check out a lewd VN with cute animations, check it out on Itch.

Do you guys think Steam are going too far when it comes to enforcing community guidelines for 19+ games? Will you be ordering Order Us!? Sound off below!