One Of The Worst Anime Is Getting A Season 3
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 weeks ago

That's right, I said it. Rent-A-Girlfriend is the worst anime I’ve ever watched. Okay, that might be a cap, but I do think it’s a horrible series, and doesn’t really have any redeeming quality about it at this point. Okay, that might be a cap as well, Mami is actually top tier waifu in many aspects, I’ve even written an article just about her in the past.

But even with Mami being in the show, I don’t think this series is great. Mami can only carry iot so much, and even Mami didn’t make me want this show to get a season three, but it did..

Now with a new female character being added to the series, I believe that they believe that this choice will, “spice up the series,”while it actually only feels like they're just adding more bullshit to a show that was already full of bullshit. They should have just stuck to the main four girls and called it a day.

But sadly, I will be watching this series and suffering with Snooze. It’s a tradition now, and I just want to see how bad and stupid this series actually gets. This show is not a guilty pleasure, it’s just so bad that I can’t stop watching it.

She think she's apart of the group frfr.

Do you like Rent-A-Girlfriend? Are you happy it’s getting a season three? Do you think the new girl is hot? Tell us in the comments.