Nier Spinoff Cancelled Before it was Announced
By Yung Namahage • 2 weeks ago

Nier lore is complicated enough as it is, what with there being 2 different versions of the original Nier, books and stage plays that are somehow canon to the games and not to mention how the entire series span off from Drakengard, Yoko Taro has not made it easy to keep up with the overarcing narrative of Nier. Maybe it's for the best, then, that a mobile spinoff was ultimately canned before it was revealed.

Not to be confused with Nier Reincarnation, a mobile game from 2021 whose servers are getting shut down for good this April, the cancelled title was a brand new title that had been in the works for over 2 years by Chinese media giant Tencent. Apparently the reason behind the cancellation was they couldn't figure out a profitable monetization system to offset the cost of licensing the IP from Square Enix. Apparently, there was a working prototype of the game that may never see the light of day.

Tencent have their pies in a lot of fingers, and they'll continue searching for another big licensed mobile game. As for Nier, Yoko Taro has mentioned that a sequel is in for cards. But it may be a while until we get a real Nier 3 or whatever it'll be called.

Would you guys have been into another Nier mobile game? Leave your thoughts below!