Moushley is the Internet's Latest Obsession
By Yung Namahage • 1 year ago

I, like many others, thought the new version of Ashley Graham in the Resident Evil 4 remake is the cutest she's ever looked. And that was true, up until Twitter invented Moushley.

The OG Ashley still has a lot of fans, but her rather large ears were the butt of many jokes and memes over the years. Maybe that's what influenced user Agrimmora to post fanart reimagining RE4 where Leon is the same but Ashley is now an adorable lil mouse.


Like the Plaga in RE4, this went viral in no time and inspired an assload of Moushley fanart, memes and lewds. Especially lewds. Never underestimate furries when it comes to R34

What do you guys think of Moushley? Is she for lewding, or protecting? Leave your thoughts below!