Lidia Returns In Tekken 8 Season 1
By WakeUpSnooze • 1 month ago

Tekken 8 has had a turbulent time recently dealing with backlash from some lackluster rewards on the battle pass. In fact fighting games in general seem to have a hard time creating worthwhile passes at the moment as many fans argue they’re not worth the money due to passes not refunding themselves and uninspired rewards. However, one type of DLC that the genre does do right to get people hype is additional characters. In a trailer for Season 1 Tekken 8 revealed that the Polish fighter Lidia will return to the roster this summer.

Why is this important? Because it means fresh porn of her is imminent of course. I never got that deep into Tekken 7 and I was long gone by the time she made her original debut, but even still I was fascinated by her design. Is it me, or are scars kinda sexy? I don’t mean when a character’s entire face is burnt up like Two-Face from the Batman universe or anything, but a nice little slash across an eye? Sure it probably hurt, but it does wonders for making a face more memorable and badass. As for her playstyle I remember her being heavily focused on counters in the previous game. Seeing as how I’m already shit enough at Tekken when playing a basic character, I don’t think it’d be wise for me to try and main her. Instead I better dedicate my time to scouting for new lewd animations featuring her. 

Based on my experience with the Tekken community it’s safe to say they love to rage and they love to fap. Hopefully Lidia’s return will spark some quality content and please the fans a bit after the previous missteps from Bandai. Are you playing Tekken 8? Do you plan to pick up the Season Pass? Which characters are your favorites? Learn Polish, become a prime minister, and impress Lidia in the comments below!