Freedom of Expression on Twitter? Not for Azur Lane!
By Yung Namahage • 3 weeks ago

Remember when Twitter became X, and its new management prided itself over free speech and all that? And all that's happened since is its userbase has dipped, it introduced a bunch of features no one likes, people whose points of view oppose Musk's are having their tweets censored, and because the content moderation team has been fired, the site is absolutely teeming with porn spambots and CP. But at least you can kinda say slurs now! But God forgive you if you use the word "cis". 

If you want a recent example of just how well this whole freeze peach thing is going, look no further than Azur Lane. The gacha game's official staff page tweeted a notice warning users that some of the account's older posts may be removed after the team behind the page were conracted by Twitter staff. It said:

"We have received a request from the X management policy team to "censor the content of posts containing official X images from Azur Lane. As such, we may delete the tweets below in the near future. Please rest assured that in-game effects and illustrations will not be regulated."

The post went on to link to 6 tweets with lewd images of ship waifus taken from the game itself, and all of them have been deleted. Some of the offending posts have been reuploaded since, but unfortunately, have been censored to fit in with the site's guidelines.

You'd think the world's richest Redditor, who's claimed to be into anime and sex a number of times to appeal to the fellow kids demographic, would be proud to have anime tiddies on the overvalued website he bought and subsequently ruined. But maybe he hates anime now after his weeb ex left him for a transwoman. Sad!

What do you guys think? Should Azur Lane be allowed to post the original images again? Leave your thoughts below!