Final Fantasy XVI is Too Sexy for Saudi Arabia
By Yung Namahage • 9 months ago

The upcoming 16th mainline installment in the prestigious Final Fantasy franchise looks like it's shaking things up compared to previous games. Gone are the boy band on tour vibe from XV and the classic JRPG parties like VII. Now there's a grittier dark fantasy setting full of angry British people, with enough profanity and graphic violence to grant it the series' first ever ESRB M rating. In fact, it seems to be so mature that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have refused it classification in the country.

The Saudi General Commission for Audiovisual Media announced that the country's ban-happy Ministry of Media are refusing to release the game in the country, not citing any specific reason other than Square Enix are "unwilling to make the necessary modifications." Fallout 4 was banned in the country for its depiction of drugs and dismemberment, which could give some indication that the game is really that much more fucked up than what the series is used to. Then again, they banned The Last of Us 2 mainly for showing LGBT relationships, so it's possible there could be queer characters in FFXVI. Also, the game's ESRB rating mentioned there are brothels complete with nudity and sexual activity going on, which is obivously too haram for the good Muslim nation. 

Gamers outside of Saudia Arabia can see what the fuss is about when FFXVI launches for PS5 on June 22. In an age where people love crying about censorship, is it right to give props to Square Enix for standing by their creative intent instead of bending over to appease censors? Leave your thoughts below!