Episode Aigis - The Answer is Finally Coming to Persona 3 Reload
By Yung Namahage • 2 weeks ago

When Persona 3 Reload was first announcedl, people were excited to be playing the 2006 classic again. But would it contain content from its many rereleases over the years, like FES and Portable? As it turned out, it did not, and fans were unable to play a remade version of The Answer, the playable epilogue introduced in the FES rerelease that focuses on robot waifu Aigis. The Answer was eventually confirmed to be DLC and a part of Reload's Expansion Pass, not much has been said on it until pretty recently, when Atlus gave us a better look at Summer Games Fest.

The Answer, also known as Episode Aigis, or in the case of this DLC, Episode Aigis - The Answer, isn't just the definitive ending of the Persona 3 saga, but a big reason why people believe Aigis is best girl despite not even being a real girl. However, this appears to be the final bit of content for Persona 3 Reload, meaning fans who were hoping for the female protagonist option from Portable may have to settle for this. To be fair, Portable didn't even have The Answer, so I know which one I'd rather pick if given a choice.

You can join Aigis and the rest of S.E.E.S into the Abyss of Time on September 10. Are you guys hyped for Episode Aigis - The Answer? Do you think Atlus should've just put it in the base game to begin with? Let us know below!