Elphelt Returns On Her Quest For Love
By WakeUpSnooze • 5 months ago

I’m finally caught up on all the announcements from The Game Awards I believe, and I’d be remiss to not jump on the opportunity to talk about Guilty Gear Strive’s latest addition to the roster lineup: Elphelt Valentine. Elphelt is a returning character from the previous games who focuses on locking down opponents with a variety of zoning weapons and utilizing gadgets to set up after she gets the pressure going. However, this time her character has been redesigned as a famous metal star. One listen to her scream and you’ll understand exactly what that means.

Of course I’m not simply covering this news on a hentai site because it’s an update to an anime fighter. The countdown has already begun you see. Each time a new Guilty Gear waifu comes to the game, you can bet your ass that we’ll be seeing some lewd animations of them in a ton of sexual situations in the coming weeks. So far I think I’ve encountered a sexy animation of every single girl in the game, multiple times over. Therefore I have full faith in the community to create some banging projects before too long. Additionally Strive is known in the naughty community for the nude mods on PC, which I also presume will be developed in no time flat. Those looking to see some titties bouncing during their gameplay can seek that out, though personally I’d get too distracted and lose all my matches. Lastly, some erotic artwork of Elphelt bubbling up to the surface was never a concern. Even now there’s already a good amount of new artworks piling up.

Looks like people are loving to emphasize her chest so far. That idea will receive no complaints from me! For now I’ve loved seeing everyone go crazy with their art tributes, and I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll be back one day to shine a spotlight on a full-length animation that does Elphelt’s new design and portrayal justice. Have you played Guilty Gear Strive? Are you excited for Elphelt (either for the right or wrong reasons)? Who do you want to see her in some dirty scenarios with? Fire your rifle, lay down some traps, and mix your opponents with a bunny hop overhead in the comments below!