Could Waffle House Come to Tekken?
By Yung Namahage • 3 weeks ago

I've never been to America, but if memes about Waffle House are anything to go by, you gotta be one tough motherfucker. And it's not just memes; I've come across plenty of videos showing all-out brawls in those places, so that reputation has to come from somewhere. 

Tekken director Katushiro Harada recently retweeted a request from a fan to add a Waffle House stage in Tekken 8, who was obviously not the first person to ask for it. Harada asked fans for more information on this Waffle House so he can finally be in on the joke.

The replies were people explaining the concept and reputation of the American casual dining chain to a middle-aged Japanese man, some serious and some just shitposting. But it did the job; Harada posted again a few hours later thanking people for redpilling him on Waffle House, and implying that he's contacted the company.

Realistically, I'm sure Waffle House's PR department are happy their brand is  assosciated with violence to begin with, so I doubt they would want to include it in a game where you can play as a robot kicking the shit out of a panda. Still maybe they could be down to collab in some form, even if it's just adding a King of Iron Fist promotional meal to the menu for a limited time.

Do you guys think Harada should put Waffle House in Tekken, assuming he's allowed to? Leave your thoughts below!