Candle Wax In Sex
By WakeUpSnooze • 1 month ago

Gushing Over Magical Girls continues to suck me in each week and the writers aren’t afraid to tackle some new kinks each installment. Episode two briefly explored the candle wax kink and I have to admit it’s something so specific I’ve never quite understood how it came to be. I mean I understand that blindfolding cuts off a sense thus why it can be used to enhance BDSM play. Same for a whip that’s used to slap some ass around. But to me candle wax seems completely out of left field. Who was the first person that said “okay I want to melt this wax down, drip it onto somebody's body, and find a way to do that which doesn’t result in permanent damage”. 

It’s a kink I never understood in terms of function or fun, until now. A scene in this episode explained that for BDSM play, a special wax is utilized that melts at a much lower temperature than regular wax. That way it can drip on someone and still be hot, however it doesn’t end up causing serious injuries. Now THAT’S educational content right there. Even after this newfound learning I’m still baffled as to what the actual origin or point of the kink is though. Don’t misconstrue, if a candle scene comes on in my porn I won’t skip it or anything. I suppose I enjoy watching someone endure a little heat pain from time to time. That being said it’s never a kink I specifically search out, and to me it seems like the same thing is achieved by other BDSM activities that cause pain like biting, whipping, and slapping. I suppose the heat brings a unique flavor of pain to the table in the same way that electricity does, but I can’t say I’m interested enough in it to ever possess a desire to try it in real life. Think I’ll leave such a niche to the professionals.

Did you know that? Now you know!

It’s mindblowing just how many kinks are out there once you move past the bigger, encompassing categories. Good thing too because we live a long time to have no variety. Do you enjoy candle wax play? Are you watching Gushing Over Magical Girls? Do you appreciate when ecchi and hentai represent some more niche kinks? Strike a match, light a flame, and turn up the heat in the comments below!