Boomers Believe WcDonald's Ad Campaign is a Chinese Conspiracy
By Yung Namahage • 1 month ago

These days, it's easier than ever for misinformation to spread around the internet. The use of AI certainly isn't helping; either for creating artifiically generated images or disseminating false truths online. If there's any one group that's most susceptible to falling for fake news, it's the same generation that told us not to believe everything we see online.

ICYMI, McDonald's in the US are running a promotional campaign where they've turned the golden arches upside down and rebranded as "WcDonald's", a reference to multiple anime series using a copyright-free in-universe substitute to the worldwide burger chain. Some of the series featuring WcDonald's include The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, NichijouPanty & Stocking and Fresh Pretty Cure! to name just a few.

Rare Ronald WcDonald Appearance in Gintama

While the whole WcDonald's thing being an anime reference makes sense to us degenerate weebs, it's gone over the heads of many others, including one of the most aggressively ignorant demographics in the world: American boomers. Sure, not everyone can tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese writing at a glance, but is it really so hard to do at least a tiny bit of research? Apparently it is for these people. Their form of research consists of asking around their echo chamber of choice (particularly Facebook) for their fellow boomers to reaffirm their fringe beleifs. In this case, they seem to believe that McDonald's calling themself WcDonald's is proof that China are taking over, somehow.

McDonald's is a cultural landmark to Americans, and th boomers, seeing it getting subverted by foreign interests (according to them) is a tragedy on par with 9/11. It's a shame these people can vote, and it's obvious just who they're planning on voting for. If you've got boomers in your life, please tell them that this has nothing to do with China before they go on to embarass themselves in front of the entire internet. Maybe tell them you love them too so they can stop being so damn hateful all the time. Imagine the abuse McDonald's staff must be getting over this.

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