B. Jenet Brings More Sex Appeal To Fatal Fury
By WakeUpSnooze • 1 month ago

Summer Games Fest was last week and we saw a good bit of announcements popping off, especially if you include the Xbox showcase that followed suit shortly afterwards. Fighting game players saw some nice treatment with the arrival of M. Bison in Street Fighter 6, an announced crossover between Fatal Fury and Street Fighter, and some subsequent character trailers for Fatal Fury itself. One such character that caught my attention was B. Jenet, not necessarily because of her gameplay either. Ya boy was getting distracted throughout the trailer by those new in-game assets if you catch my drift.

To tone down the horny for a second, I have to say I’m not one for these big oversized chest designs in fighting games. Historically they’ve been around forever and I’m not suggesting we remove them, I know some players like to fight with some bazoongas in the chamber. However, to me the last thing I’m thinking about when it’s time to square up and climb some ranks is how sexy my fighter is while squabbling. This girl even has a damn booty bump attack as a counter for the ass fans of the world. I’m trying to look as stylish as possible (for a non-pro) during these intense matches so I guess the sexiness factor clashes with my preferred character design. Unless it’s something a bit more understated like Ramlethal’s thicky thighs in Guilty Gear: Strive or Cammy’s tight ass pants that is. Again this is a no prude zone so I’m happy for the people who enjoy this kind of “heated” fighting style, but I’m probably gonna stick to characters like Vox Reaper and Preecha. 

With so many announcements popping off I hope everyone is scrambling to find some time to play their favorites. These days scrounging up the time is simply the hardest part for me. On the bright side even if you’re too busy to play often, there should be plenty of fresh Fatal Fury lewd artworks coming up. Did you watch any of the recent game showcases? Do you like overly sexy characters in your fighting games? Are you hype for the crossover? Swing your fist ,throw your fan, and avoid B. Jenet’s bootylicious counterattack in the comments below! (Or don’t avoid it, by “accident”.)