Attack on Titan Betrays CoD for Fortnite
By Yung Namahage • 1 year ago

These days it's not enough for major brands to put all their eggs in one basket. Sometimes you need to diversify into other revenue streams to increase profit. And sometimes you gotta collaborate with more than one battle royale game now that the market's shifting.

A while back, Call of Duty partnered with Attack on Titan to bring decals, weapons and a skin based on the anime to the Warzone battle royale mode. Epic must've gotten a better deal than Activision-Blizzard because Fortnite is getting much more AoT content this time around. Unlike Warzone, where you didn't actually get to play as a AoT character and instead had just a Levi cosplay for one of the game's original characters, Fortnite has Levi and Mikasa in the in-game store, and Eren Jaeger locked behind a battle pass.

That's not all, though. ODMs are also readily available for all characters to zip around the map like they're scaling a titan, similar but functionally different to the Spider-Man web swinging they had in the past, and thunder spears have been added as a new weapon. There are no titans unfortunately, but there are titan targets that offer a reward if you manage to hit them right on the neck. Finally, you can also find the Jaeger's basement hidden somewhere in the map.

What do you guys think of Attack on Titan in Fortnite? Which anime would you like to see in the game? Leave your thoughts below!