Are You Ready for a New Street Fighter Live-Action?
By Yung Namahage • 1 year ago

It's been well established that Street Fighter and live-action don't really go together, much like Street Fighter and 3D. But amid the masses of other live-action adaptations of video games we're getting these days, the company behind Jurassic ParkDune and the Monsterverse have bought the film rights to Capcom's 35-year-old fighting franchise.

Legendary (the studio, that is) have announced they've got a new movie based on Street Fighter in the works. But that's about all we have at the moment; no director, no writers, not even a plot synopsis. But if the recent Mortal Kombat live-action was any indicator of what a modern fighting game movie adaptation with major studio money can do, then I'd say it might be worth checking out. After all, it can't be much worse than The Legend of Chun Li or the awful 1994 movie, where they tried to pass off a Belgian kickboxer as an American G.I among other odd casting choices.

People are speculating whether it would tell the story of Street Fighter from the beginning, or if it'll incorporate characters and elements from the modern games. What would you like to see in a Street Fighter live-action? Let us know below!