AI Turns Creepypasta into Cute Waifus
By Yung Namahage • 1 month ago

Remember creepypastas? Those shitty internet horror stories, usually about haunted games or fictional lost episodes of cartoons, that edgy teenagers seemed to love? I was into 'em back in the day, but even then I was aware that 99% of them were poorly-written dreck. One of the worst, but most popular, was Jeff the Killer.


This infamous image existed long before the story that accompanies it, and is honestly much scarier. The story goes that Jeff and his brother Liu were innocent kids who had just moved into a new neighborhood. While trying to protect Liu from bullies, Jeff ends up with his face cut and burned with alcohol. Somehow he survives, and becomes a memetic serial killer that tells his victims "GO TO SLEEP." This video gives a decent recap, but the most interesting thing is that no-one quite knows where the original image comes from, and the story was simply made up by someone to guve a backstory the creepy white face. Some believe it's a heavily edited selfie of a girl who committed suicide, and some think it's a creepy costume some guy made with a latex mask. Either way, like other creepypastas it fell out of mainstream internet culture until fairly recently, where someone used Stable Diffusion AI to turn Jeff into a cute anime girl.

GO TO... sleep?

If you squint, you can still see the OG Jeff in this image, but other than that Jeff-chan is much more easy on the eyes. Jeff the Killer R34 is nothing new; the creepypasta fandom had its fair share of fujoshis that shipped him with Slenderman or whatever, but fem!Jeff lewds are spreading fast these days.

Jeff isn't the only creepypasta to be turned into an anime girl by AI. Seeing the SmileDog image when I was about 13 legit put me off the internet for a few days. Brace yourselves:

And here's how AI improved it:

SmileDog-chan is much more adorable than the original, and the fireworks in the background are a nice touch. Not sure why it seems to be snowing on the inside, but AI ain't perfect just yet. R34 of Smiledog-chan isn't as common as Jeff-chan, but hopefully that'll change soon.

What do you guys think of waifu-generating AI? Who's cuter out of Jeff and SmileDog here? Let us know below!